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KWERI Vision Statement

WRW with Crater Lake Rim backdrop
Wood River Wetland with Crater Lake Rim backdrop...
Walker Rim Watersheds
Walker Rim 6th-field Watersheds ~ click for large map

That is the vision of Klamath Wetland Education & Research Institute... Please! Help us make it so...

Much More Detailed Vision and Plans

  1. Vision Overview
  2. Upper Klamath Lake Watershed
  3. Historical Function of the Lake System
  4. Lake System Restoration Opportunities - these sections still in draft
    1. Treatment Wetlands
    2. Recirculating Wetlands and Alum addition
    3. Subsidence Reversal
    4. Reconnection of Large Band Lake Fringe Wetlands to the Lake System
    5. Economic Analysis and Public Education
  5. Walker Rim Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem