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Links and Publications Regarding the Upper Klamath Basin, their Wetlands and Restoration.

There are many publications and websites that have things to contribute to an understanding of the Klamath Basin and especially the water issues in the basin. We have included several publications along with links to some of the websites that represent the opinions of various constituencies in the basin. Please understand that the existence of a link on this page in no way endorses the opinions on that page. Here is a link to the publication list of our Executive Director, Jim Litts. Alternatively, this directly searches Google Scholar for "JC Litts."

KWERI seeks to make information available so that all are informed and we trust that a thoughtful consideration of all sides of an issue will lead to the best solutions. KWERI also understands that ultimately it's the values of anyone considering the facts of an issue that leads to their conclusions, and we don't all hold the same values. It is the values that weight the various facts and their balance with respect to other facts. We hope that all will recognize that heartfelt values are in play on all sides and that this will guide the development of civil, respectful discourse and considerations toward those that ultimately pay a price whether that's loss of rights or taxes to mitigate damage or compromise of ecological ideals.

Partial List of Klamath Basin biology and water quality Publications

Links to sites discussing Klamath Basin wetland and water issues.