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KWERI Advisory Council

The KWERI Advisory Council is being developed around the needs of the Board for support in their various areas of expertise. The plan is to develop a resource pool that Board and Staff members can consult to develop programs and projects. We believe the daily actions of the staff interacting with our partners is what will build a strong organization that delivers on its mission; however, access to a diversity of experience and expertise through the Board and our Coucil will be the foundation upon which it is built. We hope the Council will operate on a standby basis to assist in developing our organization. Much of this participation is anticipated to be informal by email and telephone; however, occasional work groups will be formed for particular tasks and we hope to be able to call on our Advisory Council to fill out those groups.

In addition to the more informal participation, our Council will meet annually or semiannually in a relaxed and pleasant environment for a presentation of the strategies and tactics we're pursuing and a progress report on how effectively they're working. We will present our programs with the intent of gaining input from the Council that we can use to improve existing efforts as well as to develop new ideas.

PLEASE, if you have interest and experience in any of the areas key to supporting our Board, send me an email (replace the "[at]" with the "@" symbol. ) and we'll be in touch!
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