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The KWERI Concept

Klamath Wetland Education and Reseach Institute (KWERI: "query") is in the process of forming itself into an effective organization. The concept we are pursuing is to gather wetland resources of the Upper Klamath Basin (intending to extend throughout the basin as we grow) and to facilitate public access to those resources through informative programs and curricula.

Pelicans at the south end of Agency Lake
Pelican preparing to take flight...
©2009 Jim Litts
The resources we speak of include:

How will we do this? We will involve our volunteers and students directly in research projects. We will target involvement with 16-25-year olds, but include younger and older individuals that are interested. With our partners, we will involve elementary school-age groups, and plan to develop programs for all ages! We have projects currently underway in collaboration with OIT and the BLM on the Wood River Wetland, Hank's Marsh and the Williamson River Delta. We also hope to develop another project in Partnership with the US F&WS immediately behind the Chiloquin Elementary and High Schools restoring a small wetland on an old mill site for the tertiary treatment of water from the city.

Often researchers do not have the resources or time to conduct as much field work as they would like. This is particularly true when the site of interest is remote from their offices. KWERI is building around a business model that brings this need field work at remote sites together with a desire for more data monitoring restoration results for adaptive management and a need for more well designed outdoor educational opportunities, particularly for secondary school-aged students. With the aid of our students and volunteers, we will provide field support for researchers in other organizations gathering data by collecting and processing samples, as well as taking field measurements.

Our staff, volunteers and students will be trained to support rigorous scientific protocols with well written Standard Operating Procedures governing validated Test Methods. Our staff will work with researchers in client organizations to develop and validate the procedures and methods prior to beginning a project's field work. We will also develop a Quality Assurance and Control program to monitor and continually improve our performance. We have already created an adaptable, evolving database to capture, track, analyze and export data reports. This will continue to develop as we bring on projects of new types with differing needs.