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KWERI Board of Directors

The KWERI Board is being developed around the specific needs of the organization. Recruiting will be prioritized according the criticality of those needs and the opportunities that arise to fill them. As the mission of KWERI is focused on education and research, the first board members we've recruited were those with expertise in outdoor education, research and environmental/social issues. We are now actively expertise in Finance, Public Relations/Marketing, and Legal. Position descriptions for these directorships are being developed. If you are interested in helping us in one of these roles, please contact us at the email address below.

Our board will meetings will employ telephone and internet conferencing methods to allow us to reach out the the broadest talent pool possible with as little disruption of their daily lives as possible. Most professionals these days are quite accustomed to such methods. This is in synchrony with our goal of operating as sustainably as possible and employing technological solutions to enable us to do this while drawing on as much relevant expertise as we can interest in our project. It makes no sense for an ecologically-based nonprofit to require large amounts of energy- and time-demanding travel in this day and age. Our board will begin as strictly volunteer-based; however, the organization recognizes that the time of professional people is valuable and an effective organization needs a high level of professionalism on its board. As such and as funding allows, we expect that stipends may be provided for the more demanding efforts needed from our Directors.

The KWERI board will meet as needed to conduct the business required, but most of the work will be done by the staff. When input from board members is needed, much of it will be obtained through individual contacts with particular board members. The staff will, of course, always be available to the board and will keep the board informed through regular reports (e.g. Financial, Program and Organizational Progress Reports). Meetings will be called as needed throughout the year to take governing actions and in preparation for Advisory Council meetings, but the expectation is that they will be quarterly.

We are also developing an Advisory Council. Our Council will meet annually or semiannually in a relaxed and pleasant environment for a presentation of the strategies and tactics we're pursuing and a progress report on how effectively they're working. We will present our programs with the intent of gaining input from the Council that we can use to improve existing efforts as well as to develop new ideas.

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